Inspired by the concept of Escape Rooms, ENIGMA-TIC pushes the boundaries of immersive gaming to the next level, by creating unique experiences that combine story-telling, unique game mechanics and immersive sets.


All of our games are designed and meticulously crafted in-house, by our team of passionate creatives with the sole intent of inspiring and thrilling our players, giving them something new and exciting with every visit.


So whether it be for a team-building activity, a birthday celebration, a family outing or simply to experience the latest and greatest of that immersive games can offer, ENIGMA-TIC is there for you.


No Locks

Our mission is to offer you the most immersive and awe inspiring team-based gaming experience possible, because you deserve awesomeness!</p>
<p>As such, we only use our own custom, hand-crafted mechanisms and tech in each of our rooms.

Professional Game Design

All of our games are designed by seasoned professionals, using our rinse & repeat development life cycle ensuring each of our immersive adventures will keep you fully engaged, challenged and surprised.

The ENIGMA-TIC Guarantee

If for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied, thrilled and mind-blown after your adventure, simply let us know and we will give a full refund.</p>
<p>Simple as that.


Escape Room | The Master Builder's Path | ENIGMA-TIC | Blainville

The Master Builder’s Path


60 mins

7+ years old

2 to 5 players

Step into a world of exploration and adventure on the Master Builder’s path. Rather than escape, you will be tasked with solving the series of challenges the Master Builder’s Guild has prepared for you. Make your way into the workshop and discover the secret of this exclusive society.

Disparue | Missing | Jeu d'



60 mins

14+ years old

3 to 5 players

Missing for more than a week; the whole village thinks she ran away, while authorities are declaring she died drowning, her body never to be found.

But you and your crew know very well that everyone is wrong, and that her disappearance is only the tip of the iceberg.



13 years old and under


14 years old +


  • Just 5 minutes away from Autoroute 15 and the 117

  • Conveniently located a minute away from the Blainville train station

  • Parking is available right in front of the center